Ammo Dirty Squid - The Original!

Ammo Dirty Squid is what everyone is talking about - and with good reason!  It is a killer bait due to it's potent stench and is as natural as when it left the sea.

It really has to be seen to be believed! Not to be confused with unwashed squid, this is a completely different species. Here are some comments by our customers on our Facebook wall:

''Ammo Dirty Squid is brilliant. Another good session early hours low water today...8 dogs, 1 turbot and 2 bass...TOP BAIT!!''

‘’Using Ammo Dirty Squid for the 1st time on one rod & normal squid on another rod, and in one hour I've had two Rays and a Conger on the Dirty Squid.’’

‘’Crazy busy weekend at work, Lots of hounds & rays caught, biggest selling bait was Ammo Dirty Squid by a mile this weekend’’

‘’8lb 11oz hound caught on the new Ammo Dirty Squid! Species to fall to this squid to me so far...Codling, Thornback Rays, Spotty Ray, Conger, Whiting, Dogfish, Tu​rbot and Smoothhounds’’