Ammo Preserved Baits

Ammo are now producing top quality preserved baits.  We are starting our product line with Mackerel and Squid.  These are produced in a totally natural and environmentally friendly way with no artificial additives.  We are keen to expand the range to include Sandeels, but again need them to be user friendly and a natural product.  Our research has us that the general method of preserving Sandeels involves the use of formaldehyde which can be humans and other living creatures.  Until we find a natural alternative this product is on hold. 

However the preserved Mackerel and Squid are already proving extremely popular with seaside shops, especially for kids with crab lines.  They last for a minimum of six months unopened and do not require freezing or refrigerating.  They will retain their freshness and flavour and are excellent for keeping in your tacklebox until required.  Why not give them a try!