Ammo Baits Competition On Flamer IV May 2011


It was a breezy day so the intended wrecking trip had to be changed and all the fishing was done on the Shambles Bank.  Only Ammo bait was allowed to be used and Ian and Michelle from Ammo certainly supplied enough of it, which included mackerel, dirty squid, blueys, sandeels and black lug.  Some nice Turbot were caught along with a 5lb 12oz Plaice.  Other species caught were brill, pollack, mackerel, herring, dab, dogfish and lesser weaver.  All the fish were caught on various combinations of Ammo bait. 

The Winner of the competition was Robin Amor, Runner Up was Antonnio Comparetto.  The Best fish prize was awarded to Richard Paul for his 5lb 12oz Plaice.  The group are pictured on Flamer IV.

THE NEXT AMMO COMPETITION on Flamer IV is on August 15th.