Ammo Eco-Angling Campaign - Get Involved!

As we all know everyone is becoming far more aware of environmental issues and malpractices which threaten to destroy our wildlife and surroundings.  Ammo has always supported Sustainable Fishing, Catch & Release, Clean Beaches, Marine Conservation and Recycling – but feel we all need to be even more pro-active and we are now launching a new initiative to promote these values:

No-one wants a rubbish catch – but if we don’t work together to keep our beaches clean and our seas free from plastics and pollutants – then rubbish may be all there is to catch!  Introducing our new campaign-

Ammo Eco-Angling

Only keep what you can eat – “Have it for Tea or Set it Free”

Help Protect Our World – Take All your Litter Home!

Our first project under this scheme will be a joint venture with all our ‘eco-friendly’ Ammo stockists – to work together to try and reduce the amount of litter left behind by Anglers.  It takes many small steps to resolve a big problem – and we feel that the best way to get Anglers to take their litter home would be to offer a reward!

All participating Tackle Shops would sign up to provide 1 FREE Bag of Ammo Bait for every 20 clean empty Ammo packets returned to them!

We are currently in the process of contacting all our stockists and getting them on board, so let us – and them! - know what you think!!

Good for You- Good for the Fish – Good for the Environment & Good for Our Future!

Products must be Ammo branded – squid boxes will not be accepted.  Free bait is at the Tackle Shop’s discretion, though we advise this to be the same as the majority returned.