Ammo Species Competition – Weymouth 16th August 2010

Ammo joined Flamer III for the day & held a competition where anglers could only use our Ammo bait!

Many varieties of fish were caught, including gurnards,  mackerel, garfish,  pollock,  pouts,  dogfish and thornback rays.   Some plaice were also lured by Ammo black lug tipped with squid strips.   Mick Nunn caught the biggest fish of the day, a 4lb black bream with the successful bait being Ammo mackerel strips.


Andy Coillings won the competition with 234 points for the most fish caught and received a prestigious Ammo plaque.  The winner for the most species caught was Peter Collings with 10 varieties.  The best fish award went to Mick Nunn for his 4lb Black Bream. The other winners received trophies and Ammo prizes.